Bojan Nisevic - Web Engineer

The Problem Solver

With a wealth of experience spanning over 16 years in various roles of Web engineering, including Backend, Full-Stack, DevOps, and Lead, I bring expertise and efficiency to each project. My proficiency in Python, Odoo, Django+DRF, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and other relevant Web technologies allows for successful execution.

A passion for problem-solving and a proven track record in fixing bugs in legacy software and building new projects from scratch are hallmarks of my approach. An analytical and rational mindset, combined with dedication to delivering innovative web solutions, ensures projects are executed with the latest and most relevant programming foundations. My strong communication skills and commitment to client satisfaction make for a successful and productive collaboration.

The CV is available here: DOC

Download my soft skills assessment made by Good&Co's Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm (PPA) here: TrueYou Report.


Senior Web Engineer

Wolfinne doo - Freelancer
*Previously Gordoservon Technologies e.U. Austria

  • Fixing bugs and developing legacy code
  • Planing, designing and developing new solutions from scratch
  • Providing consulting services
  • Providing team leading service
  • Planing, designing and deploying infrastructures for robustness and for efficient CI/CD

April 2020 - Present

Senior Web Engineer - Part Time (20 hrs per week)

Major contributor to the Diffbot Dashboard, participated in other Diffbot projects as well. Helped transitioning from the old Dashboard to the new one. Developed Django code, backend API in DRF as well the frontend web app made with JavaScript. Utilized libraries like Chart.JS for data visualization.

March 2020 - June 2022

Back-end Developer

Payuca GmbH -

Fixing bugs on custom made Odoo 10 Enterprise Edition modules and integration with external Web Services. And developing a new system with Odoo 12 Enterprise Edition and integration with Adyen payment service and other microservices. Also I was working on other projects releted to architecture, infrastructre and frontend.

August 2018 - April 2020

CTO (8 months)

Senior Web Engineer (1yr 2mos)

GIIVX - Global Impact Investing Vienna Exchange -

  • Development with Django, PostgreSQL, ReactJS and other technologies
  • Designing software architecture and infrastructure
  • Designing workflows
  • Testing and deployment

May 2016 - January 2018

Senior Web Developer


  • Conceptual design and development of REST API
  • Conceptual design and development of Web portals in the area of B2B and B2C
  • Lead programming and management of agile development processes
  • Evaluation of new technologies

June 2014 - April 2016

Lead Web Developer

redWEB ApS -

Lead developer on projects such as complete e-commerce solution, subscription management solution and custom products builder.

I've lead teams from India and Vietnam and also contributed the code.

September 2012 - June 2014

Web Developer

Development of Joomla! Extensions, debuging, user support etc. Worked on BreezingCommerce (awebshop app) and BreezingForms (web forms app).

November 2011 - July 2012

Web Developer

Diouscouri Design - LinkedIn Page

Development of Joomla! Extensions, problem solving, bug fixing, user support etc. Worked on various projects like development of e-commerce solution (Tienda), user manager (AmbraUM), subscriptions manager (AmbraSubs), events manager (com_calendar), support center (Billets) etc.

November 2010 - November 2011

Expert Associate in Department of Automated Data Processing (3yrs 2mos)

Junior Associate (1yr 5mos)

Republic Hydrometeorological Service (Republički hidrometeorološki zavod) -

Developed projects:

  • transfer and collecting of meteorological data sent in form of SYNOP code from various geographically diverse locations;
  • web application for decoding SYNOP code and displaying spatial data graphically;
  • development and maintenance of the Institution's website;
  • other projects regarding IT support for meteorology, climatology, hydrology and seismology departments.

Februar 2007 - November 2011


School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Belgrade, Serbia

Applied Engineer of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
New Computer Technologies

ECTS credits: 180
EE GPA: 8.5
2004 - 2007

Electro-technical Highschool "Nikola Tesla", Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Technician for Electronics

EE Highschool GPA: 4.00
1998 - 2002


Mostly technology agnostic

  • Proficient in Python, Django, Odoo, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, GitLab CI/CD and other relevant Web technologies
  • 16 years of experience in web engineering
  • Strong adherence to clean coding principles and 5S methodology
  • Proven track record in bug fixing in legacy software and product development from scratch
  • In-depth understanding of web technologies and their practical applications in software development

Beside technical experience some of my advantages are professionalism, perfectionism and attention to details. I always strive to create top quality code which is well tested and efficently documented.

My portfolio of successful projects includes:

  • GRAWE Insurance guide for customers to track their insurance claims (Frontend app with Angular, Django REST Framework for backend API, MongoDB for storage)
  • Full business suite solution (ERP, CRM, HR management, Inventory management, Manufacturing management, E-commerce, Accounting etc.) for (Odoo, PostgreSQL, GitLab)
  • Dashboard for consuming Diffbot services and data aggregation AI (Django+DRF, Chart.JS, jQuery)
  • Backend (subscriptions and accounting) for (Odoo, Pyhton, Postgres)
  • Impact investing platform (Django, React.JS)
  • REST API for mobile app (serving over 2 million active users) (Django REST Framework, MongoDB, PostGIS)

  • Analysis of project requirements and identification of potential technical challenges
  • Planning and execution of project tasks in a timely and efficient manner
  • Writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code, adhering to best practices and industry standards
  • Mobile-first, responsive design and cross-browsers support
  • Debugging and troubleshooting software issues, ensuring optimal performance and stability
  • Regular testing and quality assurance to ensure deliverables meet specifications and requirements
  • Effective collaboration and communication with clients and team members to ensure project success
  • Continuous improvement of skills and knowledge through self-study and staying up-to-date with latest technologies and industry trends.

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